NaPoWriMo 09 – day 4

Some days, all you can do is just close your ears, think of the money and hope for the best. (As the actress said to the bishop.)

Anyhow, today’s attempt was courtesy of the ReadWritePoem prompt #3: ‘three in a row’:

Write about how “three in a row” means you’ve won something, like a game of tic tac toe or a jackpot from a slot machine. Or write about the superstition about how bad things come in threes: deaths, injuries, failing household appliances. Wonder how a string of three represents both good and bad luck. Think about any sets of three you have in your life: cats, kids, husbands, anything! (For the record, I have six cats, three kids and one husband. How about you?) Explore what people mean when they say, “Third time’s a charm!” Consider a third place win, a trio, the trinity.

What it brought to mind was that fantastic poem by Anna Akhmatova, which begins “Three things enchanted him”. Mine doesn’t compare in either scope or interest, but it feels like an interesting start, nonetheless. One I’m definitely coming back to.



Three things brought me here:

a ticket
bought with money I

a flight 
from the side
of a man worn sullen;

the smile
you leave
on the pillow each morning.


A title would help. Lineation is a bit dodgy, but I want to play on the double idea of “flight”, and anything else that I can squeeze in there. I may expand it further – try for three threes. (Why I left, what holds me here, why I stay.) I can already hear a couple of possibilities …

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