The Summer King – waving the proofs goodbye

Examination Bed by Luke PartridgeWell the final proof-reading, tweaking and primping of The Summer King is now done, and as of yesterday afternoon, all files are with the printer. And yes, even this late in the process I was still finding things to tweak and things that I’d missed the previous (kazillion?) times. And then my editor found a couple more … Sigh!

So now it’s all completely out of my hands. My book. My book. And it feels … very very strange. OR Room Lights by Luke PartridgeIt feels like that moment when someone you love gets wheeled away into surgery (for a perfectly routine procedure – nothing dramatic), and you’re left there, standing on the other side of the busy, important doors, to just …

… wait.

Those of you who’ve done this before – how did you feel at this stage? What did you do?

4 Replies to “The Summer King – waving the proofs goodbye”

  1. I’m looking forward to the book launch. Sorry, no suggestions to offer, other than to keep writing in preparation for the next one. Or you could go off to Fiji for a week or two of sunshine 🙂

  2. “Those of you who’ve done this before – how did you feel at this stage? What did you do?”

    I obsessed about whether I’d still missed any typos….

    And made blog posts and website updates, facebook notes etc, anything to let people know there was a book out there, or about to be.

    Great news, Jo; will look forward to this. Will it be around via

    1. Thanks Sheenagh.
      Good to know that the joy of finding typos is not mine alone …
      I’m still waiting to hear what overseas distribution there will be. Will keep you posted. Copiously!

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