Three weeks (and one day) to go …

At the moment I’m running around trying to get things finalised for the launch of The Summer King. Lots and lots of promo things.

  • I’ve just had a group of poems from the collection selected to appear on an Italian poetry site, Fiera Lingue, run by Anny Ballardini. It’s well worth a look – poets from all over the world. My page is here.
  • I’m lined up to do an interview with Ruth Todd for Plains FM/ Women on Air, which will be broadcast Saturday 25th July 2009. (If you’d like to hear it but can’t tune in on the Saturday, check their website – many of the programmes are available as podcasts later.)
  • I’ll be doing a bit of a mini blog-tour, and am currently lined up for a session on Tim Jones’ Books in the Trees some time in August, and possibly also on Ross Brighton’s blog A Pelt, A Shrub, A Soil Sample. I am (abundantly) available for anyone else who would also like to grill me. (Remind me – where does ‘promotion’ stop and ‘pimping’ begin?)

Only three weeks and one day to go.
I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I hope I never lose this feeling!


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