Free Workshop – Helen Lowe: Writing Fantastic Fiction

News just in of a very interesting sounding workshop for all of us who yearn to write that fantasy or science fiction novel:

Helen LoweAward-winning author, Helen Lowe, runs a workshop on “Writing Fantastic Fiction”, focusing on Fantasy and Sci-Fi. The session includes discussions and exercises on the essential elements of ‘fantastic world building’, structure and keeping it real.

Bring pen and paper!

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009, 10am – 12pm
Venue: Christchurch Central Library
Fee: Free
Bookings Essential – phone 941 7923


For those of you with short memories (or who are new to A Dark Feathered Art), Helen Lowe is an extremely talented Christchurch poet/novelist, whose first book, the award winning YA fantasy novel Thornspell, was snapped up with positively indecent haste last year by über-prestigious American publishing house, Alfred Knopf.

The workshop should be great. And yes, I’ve already booked my place on it! (Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to restart my poor, languishing novel …)

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