The Summer King – now on Amazon!

The Summer King on AmazonYes, at long last, The Summer King is available through Amazon! Both US and UK now have it listed, and apparently a batch has been shipped out to the US distributors, so it should be in stock any day now.

The other thing this means is the possibility for people to start leaving reviews in public places – if you’ve read The Summer King, I encourage you to click on the book’s page on one or more of the online sites (Amazon US and/or UK, The Book Depository, Fishpond etc) and give it a rating, or even write a review. (And say what you really think – I promise I won’t hunt you down. Or prompt, ask, request, suggest, demand or in any other way cause someone else to do so on my behalf.) (Cross my heart.)

Speaking of reviews, it has been officially branded as a book of “very cool poems” by Hamesh Wyatt in the ODT (you can read the full review here), and “gratifying and satisfying” by Anne Harré in A Fine Line.

The sound you can hear is my inner child, spinning around in big happy circles, going “yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” at the top of her voice.

We all should listen to our inner child.

3 Replies to “The Summer King – now on Amazon!”

  1. Ok, where are all the copies of the Summer King hiding?! I have tried amazon uk and us, fishpond, the book depository -all out of stock … help

    1. Sorry about that. I assume that means that Fishpond have sold the stock they had, and that the Amazon stock is yet to arrive. Amazon US do have a copy listed from a marketplace seller, so you could try there. Or put your name down with your preferred Amazon to be sent as soon as the stock comes in. Which shouldn’t be long (she said, nervously, and with a dollop of embarrassment …) Ditto with Fishpond, and Book Depository.

      I have one of my personal copies listed on Fishpond – click on “New or Used” and it will take you to the appropriate page. It’s a new copy, and can even be signed if you so desire.

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