NZ vs NaPoWriMo 2010 – first week

Well here we are, one week in to the madness. This time last year I had managed to keep up – seven poems-in-progress posted. Looking back, they included some of the best I wrote all month. Three damn good, one reasonable, two that will be recycled at some point, and one that … hmm, lets just say it isn’t likely to make it into a second collection.

I’ve been really enjoying reading the posts from this year’s NZ contingent. If you haven’t been checking, feel free to use the list below to go and roam among the tulips. (And if I’ve missed someone, leave your name and a link to your NaPoWriMo posts in the comments and I’ll add you!) Particular faves so far would be Marisa’s gloriously weird Love in the Time of Feedlots, Catherine’s Radio Wave Propagation in the Roman Warm Period (who could go past that title?!), Kay’s beautiful such attendance, and Greg’s The Sunrise, which I am working very hard not to filch lines from. You are all disgustingly good, and I am extremely jealous.

Rollcall time, Kiwi NaPoWriMo-ers!

  • How do you feel so far,
  • how many poems have you completed,
  • and how many of those do you rank as good / bad /dear god, get it away from me?

5 Replies to “NZ vs NaPoWriMo 2010 – first week”

  1. Eight poems completed, I am trying not to rank them as good/bad. They are rough drafts, and the big thing for me about NaPoWriMo is that by using prompts supplied on the internet (I am mostly using the Readwritepoem prompts) I find myself exploring ways of writing that I wouldn’t have otherwise. (I like that title – Radio Wave Propagation etc – better than I like the actual poem, but the poem may be worth revising later). How do I feel? Slightly frazzled, especially now the Easter break is over.

  2. I was feeling pretting good, until yesterday when I decided in my infinate lunacy to write a sonnet. And not a modern adaptation, oooh no. So today I am writing about a gallah. Because that’s what I am. Seriously, I am happy with the work so far and still enjoying the challenge.

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