NZ versus NaPoWriMo 2010 – past half way!

Well here we are in the latter weeks of April. 18 poems down, and only 12 more to go for those who are taking the challenge.

Kay has written about ‘the transit of my eyesight’ (hers, not mine, but oooh, I want that line!) and how rhythm & design link things in unexpected ways.

Catherine has been singing about The Four Jeans, and getting elemental, watching a tern ‘stitching the sky to the sea’ (another line I want to filch!).

Greg has been remembering How Dude got his name, and dallying with a woman ‘wild with flowers’.

◊ And Marisa has been taking Lessons in Gymnastics, in love with someone she carries ‘draped on my neck / like a tape measure’.

If you haven’t been over to their blogs for a look yet, head on across and leave them a message of encouragement – we’ll wait for you.

Looking pretty good so far – guys, how does it feel?

5 Replies to “NZ versus NaPoWriMo 2010 – past half way!”

  1. I felt a bit depleted a couple of days ago and I know from experience that’s the time to push through. Much as a runner through the pain barrier. The process has now settled on me as more than a part of my daily life, the writing has become something more deliberate, it has taken on a purpose.

    1. Good to hear it’s developed purpose – NaPoWriMo can be an amazingly beneficial thing, but so much depends on how you can mentally and emotionally orient yourself. Me, I’m hopelessly erratic …

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Joanne. I feel right now like I am hanging out for the finish post! But I can see as you point out how beneficial it is for forcing one into a certain poetry momentum that can only be created by doing this mad thing!

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