NZ versus NaPoWriMo 2010 – the final straight

Only five more poems to go! And the Kiwi contingent are soldiering on magnificently (which is an unintentionally apt metaphor, yesterday being Anzac Day).

How are you feeling, guys? Strugggling, or did you managed to get the muse chained in a dungeon somewhere (or possibly reclining on perfumed pillows, being fed peeled grapes in a room with no clock and no calendar)?

4 Replies to “NZ versus NaPoWriMo 2010 – the final straight”

  1. Good question … Ummm … you know I hadn’t even given my muse a thought until you mentioned it (I am woefully neglectful of my muse …). I think perhaps my muse is as tired of poetry as I am at this point. But maybe both of us can work something out together … I’ll go peel a grape.

  2. The muse has steadfastly remained by my side. A wall between me and many of the daily drudgeries of life. Thus my dining table is piled high with clean, but unfolded laundry. My studio is woefully untidy. I could do with a manicure. The return to ‘normal’ life will be a shock.

    1. Have to say – unfolded laundry, piles of stuff, general untidiness – you mean that isn’t normal for other people ‽

      (runs to living room to begin sorting mountain of unfolded laundry …)

      (runs back in fear of imminent avalanche of unwashed laundry …)

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