Poetry in Performance – the year’s final

Wednesday night is the final session of Poetry in Performance from the Canterbury Poets’ Collective. Yes, after this Wednesday night it’s back to boring nights around the TV, shivering in the intellectual wasteland that our lives will then become. (Unless of course I manage to get a Wednesday night poetry course up and running, in which case brilliance, lustre and purpose will once again be restored to the lives of the poetry-loving people of this fair city.)

The guest readers for this session are the winners and runners-up from the previous seven BYO sessions –  Victoria Broome, Emma Currie, Catherine Fitchett, Helen Lowe, Robynanne Milford, Joanna Preston, Mark Raffills, Max Reid, Justine de Spa, and Helen Yong.

The first half of the night will still be a BYO session, but limited to 14 readers and with no voting or prizes this time. Then we will each have four minutes to remind you of why you voted for us in the first place!

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