Tuesday Friday Poem – “Visit to Nicky’s House”

It’s a North East Valley specialty –
attenuated streets, filaments
extruded steeply up from North Road,
streets you could hardly turn a dog

around in – not a large dog anyway –
and scarfie flats with names and legends
passed round from pissup to pissup …
and where an early morning piddle

ended with a broken key, and me
clambering out the bathroom window,
nightie rucked up to my armpits

wishing I’d worn a decent pair of knickers
as the sun came up and the neighbours
came home –
          but that’s another story.

Because today is National Poetry Day in New Zealand, Tuesday Poets have been asked to post a poem with New Zealand as the theme. This poem is a true story, the events of which took place at my sister-in-law’s house in Dunedin, many years ago. It was first published in Under Flagstaff: An Anthology of Dunedin Poetry. As it’s Nicky’s birthday in a couple of days, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

Happy birthday Nicky!

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4 Replies to “Tuesday Friday Poem – “Visit to Nicky’s House””

  1. Fun poem, Jo–it really captures that Dunedin/”scarfie” feel.

    A difficult choice between the lines:

    “attenuated streets, filaments//extruded steeply up from North Road//


    “nightie rucked up to my armpits//wishing I’d worn a decent pair of knickers//
    as the sun came up and the neighbours//came home –//

  2. Cute poem! That’s the kind of thing happens to me too. I am expert in flopping over the toilet via the partially opened window without damage to anything other than dignity.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, Jopre, full stop.

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