Magazine De-clutter 2 – vote for the winner!

Rightio, time to select a winner for my second De-clutter Giveaway. I suspect Greg thought he had it in the bag, but a last-minute entry from Dwayne has opened things up again.

A reminder of what’s at stake:

  • Imago 13:3  (2001) – a now-defunct Australian mag
  • The North 44  (2009) – a British mag
  • Poetry   CLXXVI:3 (June 2000) – an American mag (yes, that one)
  • Takahe 58  (2006) – a New Zealand mag

The challenge was to write a short(ish) poem – no more than 31 lines – somehow using the following line:

out here in this solitude smelling of cedars

Your task, dear readers, is to click back to the entries (in the comments of that post) and decide which of the five poems you think deserves to win. There will be a consolation prize for whoever doesn’t win, so don’t let questions of fairness or turn sway you. Simple merit: which poem is the best? (Or which makes the best use of their given phrase?)

I’ll leave the poll running for one week. You can only vote once, and only for one poem. May the best poem win!

6 Replies to “Magazine De-clutter 2 – vote for the winner!”

  1. Please excuse my ignorance. What is a question of turn? I can’t find a definition on the internet.


      1. Of course, person X wouldn’t turn a hair if person Y turned out the winner this time. 😉

  2. oh, I see now. I thought it must have been an idiom.
    Tight race so far, Greg’s just ahead, but I’m nipping on his heels

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