Magazine De-clutter 3 – giveaway and contest

Once again, it is time to give away magazines. Up for grabs:

  • The Atlanta Review XII:1  (Fall/Winter 2005) – an American mag
  • Poetry   CLXXVI:4 (July 2000) – another American mag (yes, that one)
  • Poetry London 51 (Summer 2005) – a British mag
  • Poetry Wales 40:4 (Spring 2005) – a Welsh mag
  • Takahe 73  (2011) – a New Zealand mag (the most recent issue!)

As threatened, and in honour of tomorrow being International Talk Like A Pirate Day, your challenge is to write a short(ish) poem in pirate. Minimum length is 8 lines, maximum 24. The poem should use, or be in some way a response to, the following line:

there was no dark-haired girl, at any rate

pillaged from Grevel Lindrop’s poem “A Perfume”, which appears in this issue of Poetry London.

If you need help with writing in this fascinating language, you might like to check out the aptly named (look at the address after you’ve clicked it to see what I mean) Pirate Speak website, or the US-based English to Pirate translator.

Post your entry in the comments section, as usual. Assuming we get entries from more than one person, voting will be open for 24 hours, starting on the morning of Saturday October 1st. The winner will be announced the following day. Again, I’m willing to post these anywhere, so non-NZ readers, this is open to you as well.

Have fun! Yarr!

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