Classes for 2021


30th October to 5th December 2021 (no classes Show Weekend)
Reading for Writing: Look Fively!

AKA What do I have in my bookcase?

As our final full course for the year, we’re going to take a Reading for Writing wander through five recent poetry collections, taken from the foothills of Mount TBR/JBRBNYPS in my bookcase – just which five books is still in flux, but will definitely include Billy Collins’s Whale Day, and Johanna Emeney’s Felt.

Join us for a lovely, year-ending, guided ramble!

A combination of close reading with writing exercises.
Suitable for all levels.

(TBR: (Yet) To Be Read. JBRBNYS: Just Been Read But Not Yet Properly Shelved.)

For information about times, cost and a nifty form to use to sign up, head to the Current Classes page.

What you’ve missed this year so far:

February 13th to March 20th
Reading for Writing: An Odyssey by Anthology

An American, a Canadian, and a Brit walk into an anthology …

Yes, it’s back! Our annual look at poetry from the previous year in America, Canada and the UK, via the anthologies The Best American Poetry 2020, The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2020, and The Forward Book of Poetry 2021.

A combination of close reading with writing exercises.
Suitable for all levels.

July 3rd to August 1st
Examining the Ockhams

A five-session Reading for Writing course with a New Zealand focus, taking a close look at the books shortlisted for the poetry category of the 2021 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards: Tusiata Avia’s The Savage Coloniser Book, Hinemoana Baker’s funkhaus, Mohamed Hassan’s National Anthem, Nina Mingya Powles’s Magnolia 木蘭, and Jackson Nieuwland’s I am a human being.

A great way to dive in to the world of contemporary New Zealand poetry – lots of discussion, lots of (the best kind of) arguments both for and against, and plenty of writing exercises for you to try your own hand at. Will you agree with the judges’ choices? Join in the fun to find out!

A combination of close reading with writing exercises.
Suitable for all levels.

September 2021
Rhyme & Reasons: A Formal Poetry Course

Do you yearn to return to a place and time
when rhyme was abundant, and rarely a crime?
Join Joanna and the Poetry Class
for metrical magic, both present and past.
Go Rambo with crambo, pluck the quivering strings
of villanelles, decima and sevenlings.
Doff your bonnet for a sonnet, send words out to play
in paddocks of pantoums and triolet!

Making their triumphant return – both formal poetry itself and the legendary Poetry Class Formal Poetry sessions!

A course designed to take you through the basics of rhyme and meter, and give you ample opportunity to try your hand at a wide range of forms, ancient and modern, from all around the world. Lots of fun, and some damn fine poems.

Safe for all levels, from complete novice to experienced troubadour.