broken lines / in charcoal

broken lines /
in charcoal

An anthology of poetry
from ten years of The Poetry Class,
edited by Joanna Preston and Karen Zelas

Pūkeko Publications, September 2020
paperback, 210mm x 148mm
148 pp
ISBN: 978 0 473 52742 6
rrp: $30.00

With poems by:
Lynn Tara Austin
Therese Aitchison
Helen Bascand
Marisa Cappetta
Jeni Curtis
Valerie Creamer
Felicity Cutten
Shirley Eng
Jess Fiebig
Amalia Fish
Catherine Fitchett
Kate Fraser
Jenna Heller
Cherry Hill
Gail Ingram
Philomena Johnson
Sue Le Mesurier
Michelle Leathart
Juliet McAra
Diane Patricia McCarthy
Ian McCartney
Robynanne Milford
Lyn Minchington
Helen Mongillo
Suzanne Nesbitt
Kate Rennie
Joseph Shaw
Jane Simpson
Leslie Spillane
Helen Tatham
Irena Tojcic
Leslie Vlietstra
Janet Wainscott
Kay Wise
Phoebe Wright
Helen Yong
and Karen Zelas.

“Editors Joanna Preston and Karen Zelas have brought together an anthology brimming with sumptuous poems by names well known and new. … I found myself, in turns, moved and awestruck.”
– Siobhan Harvey.


“Wonderful poems; careful poems; daring poems; cheeky poems; quirky poems … a celebration of the imagination and a fine tribute to the art of poetry.”
– James Norcliffe.


“From the experimental tone of the beginner to the assured cadence of the seasoned writer, there is much to delight and savour.”
– Morrin Rout.


broken lines / in charcoal  is a book of treasures that speaks to our collective poetic inheritance.”
– Johanna Emeney.


Copies can be bought at good bookstores nationwide, or direct from Pūkeko Publications at