Counter/Culture poetry reading

For those who want a sneak peak at a couple of poems from the book: I’m reading at the SIWA/NZSA Political Poetry event at Space Academy, 7-9 pm on August 18th. Woohoo!

Coming soon – the CPC Spring 2019 Poetry in Performance readings!

I know winter feels as though it will never depart, but it will. There are buds just starting to colour on my plum trees, the blackbirds are fighting for territory, and every time I turn around there seems to be another flourish of jonquils. But even more certainly a harbinger of spring-to-come, it is now …

Gail Ingram – A poem for Christchurch

My friend Gail Ingram, who is a Christchurch poet, writer, and editor, has done what I don’t seem to be able to do and put eloquent words around some of what we’re all feeling. And Radio NZ had the immense good sense to whip her into the studio and record it. Have a listen:

Deliciously loopy, and very cool – poetry in stop-motion

I realise I’ve already posted something this week, but I had to share this video. Two of my writing friends entered a collaborative piece in the 2018 Digital Writers’ Festival  Poetry in Motion event (no, I didn’t know about it either, curses!) and it’s really gorgeous. Gail and Rata are both disgustingly talented writers, and even …