Sabotaging myself

I’m assuming that I’m not the only writer who seems to have a self-sabotage reflex? A recent example. 

One of the things that is (meant to be) occupying me at the moment is work on a novel. (A dark, dystopian fantasy.) A good friend had her first novel accepted for publication in the USA recently, and has been keeping us all updated with progress through the various stages. She’s on to her seventh or eighth “proof-reading/editing”. All of which is no doubt perfectly normal. But here’s the thing. I caught myself thinking “well that all sounds like too much work. Good reason to not finish writing my novel.” 

What is the correct response to that? Beating head against desk? Tearing out of hair? A loud “ARGH!”, followed by expletives? Half an hour coming up with the most bizarre and/or appropriate reworking of “will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?”

Twenty minutes turning it into a mildly amusing blog entry?

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