My new other blog

I’ve started playing with a second blog, devoted strictly to haibun. Partly as a result of the preparation I’ve been doing for my ‘Haibun for Beginners’ workshop at Haiku Aotearoa 2008. But also because I was having an idle flick through some of the kazillions (technical term) of photos we have from our three years in the UK, and realized that I was starting to forget a lot of the things we did/saw/experienced. Some have already become haibun – I know I swore I wouldn’t write any travel poems, but didn’t say anything about haibun did I? Heh heh heh.

Anyway, to cut a long story short: I’m going to use the other site as an online workbook. Create a haibun sequence (or possibly series; I’ve never been too sure about the difference between them) of things to do with our travels. Post photos. Jot. Edit. Compose. Post work-in-progress as well as relevant completed haibun.

Should be fun. Or possibly just another distraction. I’ve called it The Long Road Home, as a kind of reference to Basho’s Oku no hosomichi. Feel free to drop in, it’s right here.

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