Thornspell: he gets a voice

This is a shameless plug for a book that is due out in two months time; Christchurch poet and writer Helen Lowe‘s debut novel Thornspell. It’s a young adult fantasy, based on Sleeping Beauty. I was fortunate enough to read it in draft form, and it really is a cracking story. Knopf grabbed it as soon as they saw it, and no wonder. I’ve got the space in my bookcase ready and waiting. Roll on September 9th!

The story is told from the point of view of the young Prince, Sigismund, destined to be the one to wake the sleeping Princess. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it had never even crossed my mind to wonder about him before. How did he come to be there? Why was he able to be The One? And what was the evil fair godmother doing, to let a Prince break her spell? And is there such a thing as Happily Ever After?

Although it’s marketed as a ‘Young Adults’ book, it’s well enough written to appeal to most adults. It’s quite an intelligent book, and Helen being a poet means that it sings beautifully too. A nice diversion for a summer afternoon for mum, and a breathless under-the-bedclothes-with-a-torch read for the kids.

Now I just have to get off my behind and try to finish (ha!) my own fantasy novel …

One Reply to “Thornspell: he gets a voice”

  1. I’ve read a draft copy too, and can soundly second your comments! No one is going to mistake me for a Young Adult ever again (sigh), but I found it a great fun read, with good plot twisty ending. Highly recommended, and always nice to see an NZ author doing well.

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