Titles for the anthology

I’ve pretty much finished my selections for the anthology now. There are a few on the cusp, which will depend on things like how many lines I need to fill at the end of poems that require a second page.

So now it’s time to think about picking a title. Traditionally, the title comes from one of the winning poems (or haiku). Last year I used a line from the Junior Open winning poem (“the infinity we swim in”, from Charlotte Trevella’s poem “∞”).

Robin Fry’s winning poem “Hurry” has heaps of potential titles in it, so I plan to use something from there. I need to find a title that

  1. sounds interesting,
  2. suits the general mood of the other poems,
  3. suggests an appealing cover image.

At the moment I’m considering a couple of possibles:

  • wild horses still
  • before the agave blooms
  • & all the hidden caves
  • before the sirocco

and even just

  • hurry.

I’m most inclined towards “& all the hidden caves” and “before the sirocco”. Not sure how to create a cover design from them though …

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