The NZPS anthology saga continues (even more)

I spent pretty much all of Monday getting the proof copies out so that all the contributors can check their poems. It’s a simple enough job, but it always takes sooooooooo much longer than I expect. Even when, like this year, I’m mostly sending out pdf proofs by email rather than posting paper copies.

My humble apologies to anyone who got a garbled, inaccurate and/or incomplete proof package.

Al Jadida cistern

As a matter of interest, I thought I’d list the names of all the contributors below. Pleasing to see all the new faces, and well as those poets who I’ve enjoyed reading before. I think that’s the most enjoyable aspect of doing this job two years in a row – being impressed by the work of someone new last year, and then having the delightful surprise of finding that I’ve selected a poem by them again this year. (If nothing else, it suggests that I’m moderately consistent in my choices.)

This year we had 123 poets selected for inclusion in the anthology. Congratulations if your name is on the list below, and my apologies if you aren’t. (And if your name is on the list, but you’ve not received your proof copies or launch invitation, get in touch with me asap!



Lorna Ashby
Lynn Tara Austin
Ernest J Berry
Margaret Beverland
John Bird
Nola Borrell
Nathalie Buckland
Owen Bullock
Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle
Lyall Clarke
Jenny Clay
Kirsten Cliff
Waiata Dawn Davies
Eric Dodson
Tom Dowling
Anne Edmunds
Raschel-Miette Essa-Danes
Rangi Faith
Lynn Frances
Robin Fry
Rhian Gallagher
Erika Galpin
Nola Gazzard
Barry George
Stephen Giles
Bernadette Hall
Jeffrey Harpeng
Anne Harré
Tim Heath
Lois E Hunter
Kenichi Ikemoto
Jim Kacian
Claire Knight
Helen Lowe
Catherine Mair
Kelly Anne Malone
Scott Mason
Helen McKinlay
Frankie McMillan
Elise Mei
Jo Morris
Janet Newman
John O’Connor
Roland Packer
John Pache
Karen Peterson Butterworth
Kelly Pope
Patricia Prime
Bruce Rankin
Elizabeth Robertson
Bruce Ross
Julie Sargisson
Katrina Shepherd
Sandra Simpson
Barry L Smith
Janine Sowerby
Barbara Strang
André Surridge
Sheila K Barksdale
L M Wallace
Mavis Wentworth
Pat White
Kiri Piahana-Wong
Quendryth Young
Karen Zelas
Emily Adlam
Amelia Anderson
Anthony Baker
Rachel Boddy
Rosie Bolderston
Ashley Briscoe
Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle
Cara Chimirri
Emily Clemence
Lauren Clews
Liam Collinson
Wilson Cowie
Wallace Davidson
Sarah Daymond
Ish Doney
Monty Elworthy
Clare Fairgray
Jess Fiebig
Abby Field
Marcel Foster
Harry Frentz
Sophia Frentz
Bede Gorman
Sage Gwatkin
Alex Harding
Nic Harty
Maddy Hayward
Monique Hodgkinson
Philipp Hoeper
Alexandrea Hollyman
Sue Mun Huang
Jakob Kennedy
Sophie Kirkby
Ashish Kumar
Cory Lipinski
Joel Lynch
Christine Maxwell
Kate McIlhone
Keava McKeogh
Rebecca McLaughlin
Alex Morris
Lalitha Mukunden
Lorelei Parker
Amy Pepper
Kirsty Plowman
Rhianne Price
Charlotte Read
Bertie Ruscoe
Beth Rust
Sam Shand
Wanzhi Tay
Aglaia Tee
Charlotte Trevella
Sommer Valledy
Elizabeth Waldron
Iolanthe Warburton
Tamara Webley
Jack Whittam

5 Replies to “The NZPS anthology saga continues (even more)”

  1. hello, I am a poet and i was wondering if i am the same kelly anne malone in your anthology? can you tell me what poem you have? I would love for it to be me….you have a wonderful site here

    all the best, kelly ann malone

  2. Hello Kelly Ann,
    glad you like the site.
    I’m afraid it’s not you – not unless you also entered this year’s New Zealand Poetry Society competition … I’m assuming you’re the American Kelly Ann Malone?

  3. Hi,
    Here’s Kelly (Anne) with the ‘e.’ I have seen your site Kelly Ann, and I think you may have red hair too! I don’t have kids though (how do you find the time to write?!).

    Thank you Joanna for your feat of editing and bringing us poets together.

    Kell ‘e’

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