Jubilation, joy and undeserved good fortune

At last, I’m allowed to tell people. I won the inaugural Kathleen Grattan Award for Poetry!

I actually found out about it a week ago, but was sworn to secrecy (with words like “embargoed” and “trappist”) until the official announcement was made on Radio National yesterday afternoon. 

I still can’t quite believe it. Joy, delight, amazement, gratitude, disbelief … $16,000, and The Summer King will be published by Otago University Press sometime next year. Now I just have to wade through the contract, and try to cling to the joy and avoid cringing too much when I hear what rubbish I’ve said (or been quoted as saying) in interviews … I plead temporary insanity.


12 Replies to “Jubilation, joy and undeserved good fortune”

  1. Thanks Tim. OUP are talking Poetry Day next year, although there’s plenty of time for things to go wahooni-shaped. (I suspect getting the contract sent back would be a good start!)

  2. congratulations!

    i got here via the furore about joanna lumley (i know i’m always the last to cotton on) but am now enjoying a little tour round your blog …

    amazing news about the award … you must be very chuffed indeed!


  3. Thank you!
    I still get caught by it. Suddenly remember, and find myself breaking out into a Cheshire cat grin. I feel like a kid who’s been given the keys to the lolly shop and been told yes, you ARE allowed to help yourself!

  4. Thanks Helen. It’s going to be one hell of a ride between now and then.
    I suspect Tim’s already lining himself up to do a reciprocal “firm but fair” review … 😉

    1. Thank you Sheenagh. I know a lot of the success of the collection as a whole is down to the support (and advice, and reassurance!) you provided during the last few months of my MPhil. So thank you!

  5. I feel I have to correct the title of this blog entry to “Jubilation, Joy, and DESERVED Good Fortune”.

    Very well deserved and as you know I already have an order in for The Summer King. I look forward to talking more about this with you on the radio next year.

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