NaPoWriMo 09 – day 11

A Found Abecedarian for New Zealand Cricket

A is for the Average test team that we have become,
B is for Blog. Respect to Iain O’Brien.
C is for State Championship, which nobody will watch.
D is for Dhoni, E for Evan Watkin.
F is for Firebirds (“there’s always next season”).
G is for Chris Gayle. H is for Hadlee.
Great cricketers, great memories.
I is for ICL boys still out in the cold.
J is for Jesse Ryder, on the straight and narrow.
K is for Kyle Mills, late, but should be fit.
L is for Lou Vincent. Is he still playing cricket?
M is for Chris Martin. N is for Nethula, Tarun.
O for Opportunities missed, P for Pakistan.
Q is queer selections. R is Jeet Raval.
S is for Steven Spoljaric, banned from the Pearce Cup final.
T is for Tendulkar, who needs no introduction.
U is for Unbelievable Indian batting.
V is Virender Sehwag, tearing our attack apart.
W for White Ferns, brave effort, who fell one hurdle short.
X is for X-factor bowling. Unfortunately, we have none.
Y is for Yuvraj Singh: at least we could get one
Indian batsman out. Z is for Zaheer Khan.
We might, just might, have better times on the horizon?


Ok, it’s pretty extremely lame. But it was either this or have a swing at the Pope and Cardinal Pell for their insane comments about condoms promoting the spread of AIDS. (Seriously, don’t get me started.)

The source of this poem is here, in an article from the Dominion Post. I didn’t do much other than cut, except in the case of the Gayle/Hadlee bit (I smudged it over and fiddled the grammar a bit) and the last line, which was transplanted from the beginning of the article.

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