favourite poetry events?

happy-time-1-by-sanja-gjeneroNew Zealand doesn’t have a National Poetry Month. We get Montana Poetry Day instead – this year on Friday July 24th. Super-important for me, because that’s when The Summer King will be launched!

So the question is simple, and open to anyone and everyone who reads this blog: apart from the usual things like readings, workshops and slams, what poetry-related events have you really enjoyed?circus-tent-top-by-john-nyberg

Come on people, share your wisdom. Who knows, it might even lead to the organisation of an event here in Christchurch! 

A couple of suggestions I’ve come across:

  • poetry quizz night
  • poetry speed-dating (feedback on your poem from lotsa people)
  • poetry decathlon (write in different forms/modes/topics; some before, some on the spot; audience vote)

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


4 Replies to “favourite poetry events?”

  1. I don’t mind what, as long as it takes place in the evening. Last year all the events in Christchurch were at lunchtime, or even worse, at a “non-lunch” part of the day. I can’t get to anything during work hours, since it would take all my lunch (half)hour just to get there and back.

  2. I’ve found (almost to my surprise) that I’ve really enjoyed open reading events, where there is no guest reader and the audience is really supportive – where the audience are mostly also the performers. One I liked last year was a Poetry Society event where everyone was to bring one favourite poem from a New Zealand poet, a favourite poem from and overseas poet, and and poem of their own to read. I came across some poets I liked that I wasn’t familiar with, and some old favourites.

    My favourite ever (so far) open reading event was part of the Word Festival, run by the Word Collective in Wellington, in 2005. There were a lot of people there, almost everyone read something, the audience was so supportive and the poets were all sharing rather than showing off. It was lovely.

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