The Summer King – proofs done

waiting-2-by-anna-hunterWell I’ve finally finished going over the proofs of The Summer King. Done, and dispatched back to my publisher.

It still feels pretty amazing – a mixture of glee and dread (not a usual combination, I know). The poems feel like old friends now, and friends that I’m happy to see again. The weirdest thing is that I know I’ve moved on from there, from them, but they still feel like a part of me. Just … more distant. Part, and apart. It’s a good feeling, and one I’m not going to question.

Now I’m just waiting to see what the cover will be like …

2 Replies to “The Summer King – proofs done”

  1. Huge congrats — this must be so exciting! I’m intrigued by the title. You’ll have to keep us updated — will it be available for purchase in the states?

    1. I plan to shamelessly blog about every step of the journey!
      And yes, it really is exciting. Scary, but exciting.
      Don’t know if my publisher has any contacts in the US market … obviously if I get enough people from the States wanting to buy a copy, that’ll be some incentive for them!

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