NaPoWriMo 09 – day 23

matadora Cristina Sánchez


Did you think I would run?
I can admire your strength
without feeling weak.
You are only hide and bone,
after all. A frame
to embroider with symbols
and emblems, a small death
to conquer again.

Shall I garland your neck
with blood roses? Come,
kneel at my feet, fetish.
You are vessel, you are chair
for me to straddle,
yes, you are drum.
Now come.




O-kay, that’s another odd one. And very definitely only a preliminary sketch of a draft. (Damn you, NaPoWriMo, and your insatiable appetite!)

It was triggered by the Read Write Prompt for day 23: Put on another (cowboy) hat. One of the examples given was a mother-matador, and for some reason it just stuck in my head. 

Mythologically speaking, women don’t fare terribly well where bulls are concerned. And there’s a poem I really enjoy by Christiania Whitehead, called “The Unicorn is a Symbol of Virginity“, which does a nice job of inverting the usual virgin/unicorn thing. Somehow it just seemed to chime with the idea of a female matador, especially after I did some research on female bullfighters.

I’m going to come back to this one.

2 Replies to “NaPoWriMo 09 – day 23”

  1. There is much here, an awesome metaphor for the man woman interaction…you are so on the right track with this one, perhaps it is a longer poem in the making…your poem with that image of the female matador in surrender (in control – unconquerable…) is incredible…and could be considered complete just the way it is.

    Thank You

    Poet Man

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