SKA - a mysterious packageI’ve always wondered what this would feel like.

I went out to collect the mail, and found a small package in the  mailbox – my book, back from the printers! My real, actual, physical, touchable, super-shiny BOOK!SKA – holding my book (Colour balance in the photo is a bit off – glossy cover and all that. But still!)

I feel … actually, I don’t know what I feel. Joy is part of it, certainly. Pride? Relief? Yes, all of those, and then some.SKA - endpapers

It mainly feels strange. It’s my book, absolutely, but … now I understand the look on my mother’s face when I got married. Does that sound idiotic? It’s its own creature now. Separate from me.

SKA - title pageI knew what the package must be as soon as I saw the OUP label on the back. And yes, I sat there looking at it for a good half hour before I decided that I was going to open it. And part of me is terrified by it – no going back now. No last-minute changes, no sudden disavowals. I’m a poet, with an actual collection. Not ‘maybe’, not ‘one day’, not even ‘soon’. Now. Here. Bold as brass, and absolutely real. My. First. Book.SKA - contents page

How do I feel? I have no idea.

Go well, little book.

11 Replies to “Arrival”

  1. Oh, so exciting!! It’s a bit scary isn’t it? Make sure everyone knows that there is a three-month ban on anyone pointing out anything that is wrong with it. Ok, so I might have made up that rule, but it’s a good one.

    It looks just gorgeous. Is it truly hardback? I didn’t realise – that’s especially special!

    Congratulations once again.

    1. I like that rule! Have to admit, I haven’t done anything more than flick through the pages yet for exactly that reason …

  2. Well, I’m pleased for you. I’m just glad what happened to me didn’t happen to you. My cover was printed as a photographic negative! The thing is, it was quite cute in its own way. And so is yours I see.

    1. Ouch. Ok, now I’m even more glad that it’s turned out so well.
      And more determined not to scrutinise it for a while, just in case …

    1. Thanks, I’d love to – interview, comment, general “Hey, this book is brilliant” … ?
      Email me off-blog to discuss the details.

  3. Congratulations! It is a wonderful, unique feeling. And there are more. The first time someone you don’t know writes to you to say how much they enjoyed it, the first time you see a photo of it in another country. A good review by someone who isn’t a friend. Life is an amazing adventure. Have fun!

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