Trouble buying The Summer King

A couple of people have asked me what’s going on with the listing of The Summer King on Fishpond and The Book Depository (UK), as it’s currently listed as “Unavailable” in both places.

Apparently Fishpond are waiting for some paperwork or other from OUP before it can be listed as “in stock”. My publisher has been made aware of this, and the sales people are supposed to be working on it. And the UK and US distributors are supposed to be getting the books in stock with/for Amazon etc, but I don’t have a timeframe. Sorry about the wait.

Fishpond sell yoursIn the mean time, I’ve put up three copies from my own supply on Fishpond. If you go to the book’s page and look at the top right corner, just above the cover image, you’ll see the words “New or Used from $29.99”. If you click on this link, it will take you to a page where you can buy a copy directly. If you ask, I’ll even sign it for you!

Book Depository notify buttonIf you’re happy to wait (and feel like doing a bit of prodding), do click on the “Email Me when this item comes back in stock” button (Fishpond or Book Depository). Who knows, maybe that’s what’s needed to get things moving a bit faster …Fishpond unavailable button

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