Five New Zealand Poets

5 NZ Poets 2009A bit of utterly shameless self-promotion: on Friday I’m taking part in a poetry reading for the 2009 Christchurch Writer’s Festival. Also reading will be Frankie McMillan, Tusiata Avia, and my two favourite Bearded Southern Men, James Norcliffe and Brian Turner.

It should be a really good event – not only because the others are very good readers, but we’re also having the presentation of the 2009 Lauris Edmond Memorial Award (‘for Distinguished Contribution to Poetry in New Zealand’, to give its full flourish). Who the winner is, is a secret still – one of the really nice things is seeing the look of delight and surprise on the recipients’ face. Dinah Hawken in 2007 was absolutely priceless.Our City O-Tautahi

It starts at 5.30 pm, upstairs at Otautahi, costs $10 and you get a free glass of wine.

Why would you be anywhere else?!

7 Replies to “Five New Zealand Poets”

    1. What sort of an excuse is that?! 😉

      I don’t know about door sales – I would imagine so, but it might pay to email the contact person to check.

  1. I would bet that of all the writers in the world, poets would be the ones most likely to be working in day jobs for a living – given how well paid poets are!
    I will ring shortly. Even if there aren’t door sales, I would hope that I can at least pick up a ticket at the door, since I can’t get into town to pick it up before then.

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