Noooooooooo! (it had to happen)

poisture-ii-by-john-nybergOh dear. It’s a first I wasn’t looking forward to: The Summer King making it’s debut appearance in a secondhand bookshop. Jason Books in Auckland have one of the review copies listed for sale.

It would have been nice if whoever it was (I wonder who?) had reviewed the book before selling it!

(Maybe they have?)

8 Replies to “Noooooooooo! (it had to happen)”

  1. At Galloway and Porters (a £1 book clearance shop) in Cambridge I found a large supply of Clive James’s “The Book of My Enemy”. Do you know the title poem? It’s even worse that I gave away my £1 copy to a friend.

    (Aaargh, no preview!)

    1. Know it, love it, and fear very much that I’m living it, lol!
      (Sorry about the no preview – you can always sneak back and edit things later.)

  2. Just curious – how do you know it was a review copy?
    A distant cousin of mine found a book in a secondhand bookshop in Nelson which had inside it a handwritten note to my greatgrandmother. I guess after a hundred years the owner could be forgiven for selling it – it must have been done in a clear out of one of her grandchildren’s houses, judging by the timing. It was written by my greatgrandmother’s cousin.

    I think I’d rather see one of mine sold secondhand than remaindered, although that must inevitably happen eventually, I suppose.

    1. The listing says that it has ‘Review stamp on half title verso’.
      And yes, secondhand is much better than remaindered. But inevitable?!

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