DIY Pimping for the New Author

from The White Slave by Abastenia St Leger Eberle(Slightly risky using the p-word in a blog title, but hey, it might actually snag me some new readers.)

I was sent this link to a painfully funny article from The New Yorker, spoofing the whole “authors must be proactive in promoting their books!” thing. At least, I think it’s a spoof …

Actually, as much as I hate this usage, there’s a weird symmetry about the word “proactive” in this context. Hmm, “pro” as in hooker, “active” as in available – yep, we’re back to pimping again! (Although I’m sure the other type of submission has better earning power than poetry.)

I hasten to add that publicity for The Summer King been very well served by two (scarily) enthusiastic friends (take a bow, David and Helen), so for all my jokes about having to pimp myself, I have been well and truly taken care of.    😉

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