CPIT Poetry Courses for Term 3

As you’ll see from the sidebar, the Tuesday night edition of POET102 has been cancelled. Insufficient numbers. I’m feeling slightly like the girl who threw a birthday party (fancy invitations, balloons, streamers, a bouncy castle, the lot) and then spent three hours coming to the slow and shameful realisation that no one was coming  (cue violins) …

In the interests of timetabling courses for times that do actually suit, here’s the chance for any of you out there contemplating doing a CPIT poetry course with me to have your say about when they are offered.

– Term Three runs from July 19th to September 26th.
– There are no public holidays in this period, but the Christchurch Writers Festival runs from September 9-12.
National Poetry Day is July 30th.

Two new courses have been approved: a five week (15 hour) Introduction to Writing Poetry course, and a good, classic poetry exercise writing workshop, Jump-starting the Muse (18 hours in total). At this stage I plan to run another Reading for Writing as well. (Details of all the courses can be found on the workshops page.)

Rather than clutter the blog with heaps of polls, I’ve created a special page to try and gather info about when and what would work. You can leave general comments on this post in the usual way, or click on this link to go to the dedicated Poetry Course Poll Page.

3 Replies to “CPIT Poetry Courses for Term 3”

  1. Hi, Jo, clicked on the poll link but got this message: ‘We are terribly sorry, but the URL you typed no longer exists’ etc… Anyway, I can make it anytime from 27 July onwards. I’ll be there!

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