Earthquake update

Thanks to everyone who has been asking how we’re doing in the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake. We’re both fine so far, although the aftershocks are scaring the bejesus out of us on a regular basis. But the house is ok, we’re both uninjured, and there’s been no real damage to anything. The chimney has cracks through it which are a bit worrying, so we’ve moved into the spare room, as far from the chimney as possible. But we’ve been unbelievably lucky so far. Hopefully the aftershocks will end soon, and we can make an attempt to get back to normal life. Cross your fingers for all of us.


5 Replies to “Earthquake update”

  1. I am very relieved to hear that you, Joan, Barbara among others are OK
    but the aftershocks must be terrifying.
    I hope that chimney holds together
    Regards, Beverley

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