Songs to avoid playing in Canterbury

Yet another night of Terra anything-but-Firma. I was brushing my teeth at the time, and discovered for myself why toothbrushes are the favourite materials for prisoners to turn into weapons. Everything was ok at first, but I had a wee session of sobbing into my pillow when I finally convinced myself to head upstairs to bed. And I know I have no right to be upset – out here we’re still ok, with power, water and sewerage still functioning perfectly. But there are a couple of new cracks in the walls, and the existing ones are a bit bigger. So back into the queue for EQC, and the long wait to see an inspector. (Still waiting for their post-September inspection …) And feeling guilty about even thinking such thoughts, when I know it’s immeasurably worse for friends and strangers in the city.

I remember after the first quake, when power came back on in our house. We were listening to Radio National and the first reports of the magnitude of the quake. I can remember the surprise and puzzlement in the voice of the announcer – that something like that could have really happened, and in Christchurch of all places. They made the usual “we’ll get back with more information as soon as it comes to hand” noises, and then put on a piece of music:

Good Vibrations, by the Beach Boys.

Yes, really. We’re huddled in the bathroom doorway, trying to decide if it’s safe to scurry back into the bedroom to grab keys and mobile phone. And they play Good Vibrations. Deary deary me. Pretty certain the DJ wasn’t based in Christchurch. (And not only because they would have still been scrabbling around in the dark, trying to find the damn discs.)

It could have been worse, I guess. Bill Haley’s Shake, Rattle and Roll would have been worse. And Rock Around the Clock pretty much describes the state we’re all in now, when we’re over 7,500 aftershocks and still counting. So as I was walking around the house, checking for any new damage, I got to thinking: what are some other songs to avoid?

So many songs … I’ve barely scratched the surface. Quite apart from ironically inappropriate titles and/or lyrics, there’s the whole booming bass thing – trust me, most Cantabrians have developed sub-sonic hearing abilities. A low rumble is the only warning we ever get, and after 7,500 episodes that startle-reflex is being gouged into our DNA.

Ah well, we’ll make it somehow. Here’s a couple of songs to help. Enjoy.

2 Replies to “Songs to avoid playing in Canterbury”

  1. I had a list on my blog two or three posts back. A couple of commenters added some more for me. “Good Vibrations” was in there – and the Breeze was playing Carole King – “I Can Feel the Earth Move” – just as one of the larger aftershocks hit in late February/ early March.
    I thought of a few more today – how about “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”, or “Stayin’ Alive”. Then again, maybe the most appropriate song right now is “One Day at a Time”.

    1. Ah dear, I’d forgotten Carole King. I’m trying not to open myself up to the possibilities of the other two.
      If I wanted to be tasteless, I could suggest “Get your rocks off” for people in Sumner and Redcliffs …

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