Hooray! Hooray! and Bah

Lets start with the Hoorays first – I’m going to be published in Landfall! David Eggleton (a man of impeccable taste and discernment) has taken both “The City and The City” and “Fault” for the next issue. Hooray! I’ve never been published in Landfall before, so this is a bit of a special moment.

And Paula Green has selected “The Messenger” to appear in a forthcoming anthology of New Zealand Love Poetry. Hooray again! Other than haiku, I haven’t appeared in many anthologies. And I don’t really write that many love poems either, so I’m feeling quite chuffed about it.

Now for the bah – Creative New Zealand have declined to fund the Reading for Writing workshop. Apparently there were 182 applications; 58 of whom were successful. $1.1 million requested; $360,161 given out (it’s that final $1 that I particularly like.) So they funded roughly 32%, if my maths hasn’t deserted me. Oh well, that’s how it goes.

But … I’ve decided to hold the classes anyway. And since the room hire is waived if no-one is being paid … for free. Yep, free. Nadda. Nil. Zip. Gratis. Pro Bono.
(My secret plan is to get people so hooked that they’ll be willing to pay what it’ll cost when I get classes up and running next year – with or without funding. I believe it’s the strategy used by drug dealers …)

The details:

Reading for Writing

A blend of poetry appreciation, close reading and poetry writing exercises.

Starts: Saturday 12th November
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Duration: 5 weeks, 12th November – 10th December
(including show weekend)
Location: The Sydenham Room
South Christchurch Library
Fee: free!

There are only fifteen places available in total, so if you would like to attend, send me an email asap!

8 Replies to “Hooray! Hooray! and Bah”

  1. Fabulous acceptances, Jo—& very well deserved also. A shame about missing on the funding, though, although you’re offering a great opportunity with the free course.

  2. Hi Joanna,

    You’re not the only one to go bah re Creative NZ funding – Haiku Festival Aotearoa 2012 missed out too. Still, we were thanked nicely for the effort we put into preparing our application (in a form letter). Oh, and don’t bother asking why you missed out, they don’t answer that question!

    The shame of it is that the Creative Communities funding in this area matches the Creative NZ closing dates so if you miss out on one, you effectively miss out on both. (The next local round doesn’t close till Feb, which is getting a bit close to the event to be comfortable.)

    Luckily, we have other avenues to explore.

    1. Oh Sandra, that’s terrible. Why on earth would they knock you guys back? It surely ticks all the boxes! Mad. Good luck with your other funding sources.

      And you’re absolutely right about the timing of the funding rounds. Christchurch City Council has two Creative Communities funding rounds per year, but Selwyn have four … both of which I’ve missed the dates for. Like yours, the CCC one closes at the end of February, for projects starting after May 2012, which seems a very long way away. Oh well. We shall try again and see.

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