Guy Fawkes in Greymouth

For those of you on the West Coast, or anyone who fancies the idea of a weekend immersed in poetry, the planning for Guy Fawkes Weekend in Greymouth has come together with the sort of efficiency not seen since the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Details are below and in the sidebar, or click on this link for a printable poster of your own.

The reading will be a series of 20-minute sets, each introduced with a song from one of the three local bands, followed by me reading (from ‘The Summer King’, plus a good chunk of new stuff. I may even give “Fare” – my Belle Dame poem –  a run). The workshop is going to be a mixture of all kinds of different things, suitable for beginners and the more experienced alike. Mostly writing exercises, with some sort of general craft or technique point to each of them. Should be a lot of fun, and I promise not to make anyone write in one of the Welsh forms. (Probably …)

Greg has floated the idea of some Cantabrians getting together to make the pilgrimage across the Alps – should there be such a desire (and after Sunday’s earthquake it is a mighty attractive one), feel free to use the comments section of this post to help organise. Hell, I’d be going even if I wasn’t reading!

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