This week, take up jogging; next, an Olympic Gold in the Marathon!

Couldn’t resist sharing this. It’s one of those things you come across regularly in online forums where writers and readers mix. Every month or so there’s someone who comes out with the whole “maybe one of these days I should write a novel” thing. They mean well (and I’m guilty of it myself from time to time), but you can hear the sound of teeth grinding all over the web as various authors physically hold themselves back from the keyboard. Yes, you may be able to write a novel. Maybe even a really good one. But unless you’ve already started well down that path, it’s like taking up jogging and declaring that next year you’ll represent your country in the Olympics. Possible? In an infinite universe, yes. Likely? No. Bordering on the offensive  – however intentionally so – to those who do this seriously? Umm, yes.

I would like to officially apologise to all the Real Novelists out there who have held themselves back from inflicting Actual Physical Harm on me whenever I mention my PHdDFNisoP (Poor, Highly-derivative, Dystopian Fantasy Novel in (sort-of) Progress).

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