Venues; the continuing disappearance of

Like Good Comedy, it would seem that the secret of running poetry workshops in Christchurch is … timing. Yes indeedy, hot on the metaphorical heels of my adding the forthcoming Formal Poetry workshop to the sidebar list, comes the news that yet another venue has fallen to the ongoing trauma of the earthquakes.

For those of you who haven’t heard and don’t feel like following this link to the story, it seems that the South Christchurch Library has some quite serious structural issues arising from the ongoing earthquakes, which were only discovered after the Detailed Engineering Evaluation. Quite a shock, a it is a new building, and had passed all previous inspections with flying colours. I’m trying not to extrapolate to any of the other buildings I have to go in and out of.

In so very many ways, I am seriously glad that the last session of the Dead Poets class was last Saturday …


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