Upcoming poetry classes (Winter/Spring 2013)

‘Morning Frost 3’ by Patrice Dufour 1Due to all my good intentions having deserted me popular demand, I’m going to be back teaching a few months earlier than originally planned. You can read details here, but the basic info is as follows:

Reading for Writing 1 – Playing Favourites
Saturday mornings, June 15th to July 13th 
Habgood Lounge, Lincoln Event Centre

A five week wallow in the work of some of my favourite unknown (or at least ‘not well known in NZ’) poets. Suitable for all levels, $45.

Poetry 101 – Introduction to Poetry
Thursday evenings, July 11th to August 22nd 
Fitzgerald Room, Lincoln Event Centre

‘Morning Frost 3’ by Patrice Dufour 2What it says on the tin – a fun fortnightly class to introduce you to writing, reading, and enjoying poetry. Suitable for beginners, and anyone who would like to brush up their technical skills. Only 10 places available, $30.

Reading for Writing 2 – Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons
Saturday mornings, August 17th to September 14th 
Habgood Lounge, Lincoln Event Centre

A five week immersion in poems addressing the ‘Big Three’ subjects – love, death, and change. We’ll be looking at love poems, from the gentle to the distinctly erotic. Elegies of all sorts. And some of the kazillions (technical term) of ways people use poems to immortalize things – important things like wars and deaths and triumphs, and supposedly ‘unimportant’ things, ‘Morning Frost 3’ by Patrice Dufour 3like snooker players, laundry, and a local argument. Suitable for all levels, $45.

I’m also considering the possibility of offering some of these classes in an online version, depending on demand. (If that appeals to you, send me an email.)

Three workshops to help you make the most of the cold months.
What are you waiting for?

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