Kathleen Grattan Award 2013 announced

Siobhan Harvey photoBig congratulations to Siobhan Harvey, who has won the 2013 Kathleen Grattan Award for the manuscript of her second collection, Nephology for Beginners! The judge this year was Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, who apparently had a field of ninety manuscripts to work his way through. The official announcement was once again made on The Arts on Sunday, and you can listen to Siobhan being interviewed by Lynn Freeman here.

Anyone who has contributed poems to Takahē over the last few years (where Siobhan is poetry editor) will know her as a damn fine judge of poetry, as well as a staunch supporter of poets of all abilities. As well as that, she’s edited two anthologies and been the coordinator for National Poetry Day for the last four years. So not only is it going to someone whose writing is of a very high standard, it’s also going to a thoroughly decent human being. Hooray!

One Reply to “Kathleen Grattan Award 2013 announced”

  1. Just heard her interview.Super amazing and so deserving of this award! Congratulations Siobhan Harvey! I first heard her read at Havelock North. Wow! Keep up the great blog too. May I add, ‘the summer king’ was also very worthy of the award too. Congratulations to you too.!

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