It’s that time of year again

poetry poster 2014

Spring has sprung, the daffodils are dandy, the lambs are leaping and the birds are … um, randy. (Well, they are here at any rate.) Which means it’s time to dust off your poetry-shoes  and practice your readings, because the annual Canterbury Poets Collective Poetry in Performance series is upon us once more! (Clicking here will open a downloadable version of the poster, for you to keep for your very own.)

An interesting lineup as usual, with a good mix of local and non local poets, as well as a good blend of established and up-and-coming (I keep wanting to type ‘on-coming’ …) voices:

Oct 1 – Emma Neale, Rangi Faith, Ciaran Fox
Oct 8 – Roger Steele, Danielle O’Halloran, Marisa Cappetta
Oct 15 – Helen Heath, Kerrin P Sharpe, Roger Hickin
Oct 22 – Paula Green, Greg O’Connell, Robynanne Milford
Oct 29 – Hinemoana Baker, David Gregory, Jeni Curtis
Nov 5 – Michael Harlow, Doc Drumheller, Catherine Fitchett
Nov 12 – Siobhan Harvey, Hamish Petersen, Frankie McMillan
Nov 19 – the Best of the Open Mic

The venue has changed this year – rather than being in the Students’ Association building, they’ve moved to the Imagetech Lecture Theatre – from the carpark, you head in to the main building, go across the foyer, turn to your right so that the library is behind you, and you’re there:


So there you have it. What better use will you find for $5 and the hours of 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm on Wednesday nights in October and November?!

3 Replies to “It’s that time of year again”

    1. Well, Christchurch is very pretty this time of year … 😉

      Incidentally, I’ve fixed the link to the poster, so clicking to open your own savable copy should work now.

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