Amberley Writers’ Teaparty


For those of you who wonder what exactly it is that writers do (when they do whatever it is that makes them writers), this Sunday will provide you with the chance to see three of us discussing our work, our (writing-related) play and our preferences in the high tea department. Yes, I’m talking about the legendary Amberley Writers’ Teaparty!

To quote the blurb:

This year’s guests are Carl Nixon, Joanna Preston and Trevor Agnew. Each will feature for about 25 minutes, reading from their work, talking about their writing life and entertaining the audience with an account of their careers and their favourite reading. There will be time for questions and discussion, and then comes the famous afternoon tea and a chance for writers and audience to socialise.


Sunday 13th September 2015;
2pm to 4 pm
Hurunui Memorial Library,
111 Carters Road, Amberley
$2 or $5 for families

My bit will be a spot of ventriloquising (no, not literally) – as well as some of my own poems, I’ll be speaking about the task of being Helen Bascand’s literary executor, and reading a few of her pieces. (Which will be good practice for the reading I’m doing next month for the CPC – mark October 21st in your diary and watch this space!)

Now I just have to try and remember not to refer to Carl as a bastard* again …

Carl Nixon bernie-hall-2013web1 original_Trevor_Agnew


* It was intended to be wryly humorous tinged with a certain amount of cameraderie, and was prompted by my being a buxom woman in her early forties coming on stage immediately after Carl read an excerpt from a play about dumpy middle-aged women and Dan Carter in swimmers …

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