Countdown to the Competition – one week to NPD!

This, my dear dear readers, is the final word cloud before National Poetry Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far, and maybe have clicked on the links to the various books to go and see  what else their publishers have to offer. If these five word clouds haven’t filled you with the desire to get your hands on the books they come from, then you are officially Beyond Help. Your only hope for a cure is to win the competition and get all five books delivered to you, so that you can correct the error of your ways.

Something that may not have struck your attention (although I’m hoping the set of logos at the top of this page will help) and which deserves mention: the five shortlisted titles come from five different publishers. Isn’t it great? At a time when everything else seems to be whittling down to only one or two players, we have five publishers who are putting their hearts, souls and wallets on the block to publish wonderful New Zealand poetry. Take a bow, Anahera, AUP, Cold Hub, OUP and VUP.

Your final wordcloud is made up of the titles and publishers and authors of all the books that were on the longlist this year. Because winning is great, but meaningless in the absence of competition. Time to celebrate participation. Enjoy!

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