Sing for a winner …

Thank you to those who entered the glosa competition – wow! I love what each of you did with the lines you chose, and I’m guessing you had fun doing it. (I hope so, at least!)

Picking a winner was tricky, but in the end I’m going with Jac Jenkins’ wired – I think it was the two interjections that did it for me.  But I’m also going to award a book from the stash to Arwen Flowers for her disturbingly sexy untitled poem (which so perfectly captured the mood of The artist knows—) and to Sue Le Mesurier for her lovely The sound of one million butterflies – that transition between the second and third stanzas is just perfect. (I know, they sound like weird things to be complimenting the poems on, but a/ I don’t want to quote anything directly and risk making it problematic for any of the poems to get picked up for publication later on; and b/ I’m a poet and a nerd, what else do you expect?

I’ll be in touch by email to give the three of you a chance to choose from the stash. Well done!

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