Like the forgotten Sunday roast …

we are now well and truly done!

(Sorry.) (Ish)

Yes, we have finally made it to the end of the 24-Hour Poem competition for 2019. Congratulations to everyone who managed to get a poem written, and commiserations to those who could not. If you’ve sent your entry in but haven’t got a response yet, don’t panic – as long as it comes in to my email inbox by midnight, you’ll be in the running. It might take me a wee while to go through and acknowledge everybody’s entries, but I will get there eventually.

So. What happens next?

The judges will spend a week or so to pick the winners and come up with a shortlist. Then I’ll put the shortlist up on the competition page again, along with a poll so you can all vote for the poem that you want for Contestants’ Choice. When that is decided, we’ll put the winning poems up on the competition page, and start sending out the swag!

Thanks everyone who took part. It’s been an … interesting day. I am amazed. (And somewhat frightened of my email inbox, but I’ll get over it.)

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