Coming to a bollard near you …

355 Colombo Street

Yes, across a number of different cities and towns you will indeed see my face (sorry) and be able to read The dollhouse. In stonkingly high letters!

The posters actually started going up a week ago, but I managed to come down with a cough and general malaise which meant I spent much of last week prodding my temporal lobe with a swab and staring worriedly at a succession of RAT tests. (All negative.) But yesterday I was released from my confinement and went on a cruise around town to try and photograph as many of them as I could find, using the handy link that Mindi from Phantom Billstickers had sent me – currently there are seven in Wellington, nine in Christchurch, two in Auckland, two in Dunedin, two in Nelson, and four in Hamilton (click the link to see where they are).

We must have missed the one on Worcester Boulevard by a matter of only an hour or so, because the poster for Fantasia that was pasted over the top of my poem was still moist with glue. I toyed with the idea of peeling it off, but decided to be good and not frighten the tourists.

Is it wrong that I fantasise about a flashmob photo of multiple people clustered around the posters, all reading from copies of tumble? I hope not, because there will be a competition for something along those lines, very very soon …

3 Replies to “Coming to a bollard near you …”

  1. How cool is that! Whoever thought that up makes me super-proud to be a fellow New Zealander!

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