Autumn, Season of Readings

Well it’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to lose their green (so much for our “long hot summer”!) and shorts and T-shirts have settled into the back of the drawers. And all around Canterbury poets are trying out their voices – standing in front of mirrors, shuffling papers, timing themselves and trying to think up witty and/or interesting ways of introducing their poems.

The Canterbury Poets’ annual Poetry in Performance readings series gets underway on Wednesday the 18th of March at the Madras Cafe Bookshop, and runs until April 29th, when I read!


It should be quite a lot of fun. The Open Mic sessions usually turn up some good new poets, as well as new (or experimental) work from established poets. And the book tokens are a nice bonus – last year I managed to get 2nd twice. Have to see if I can snag the big one this year!

One Reply to “Autumn, Season of Readings”

  1. Wish I could come to the poetry readings but I’m in England at the moment: especially want to hear Charlotte Trevella, a great up and coming young poet.

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