A Dark Feathered Heart gets a make-over!

flying-bricks-by-eyestarIt’s possible I’ve been watching too much television – you know the shows I mean, which usually involve people who are vulnerable and desperate lying back and thinking of Hollywood while perky and annoying hosts with the sort of teeth that you only see on advertisements run around clasping their hands and promising to do amazing things with only six million dollars, eighty metres of chiffon and the combined services of California’s entire cosmetics industry (surgical and other).

Well … Ta dah!

Since Google have decided that they are no longer going to support GooglePages (where my old website was), I’ve decided to move the whole thing over here to WordPress. The blog will still be here as usual, but now you also have access to poems, essays, reviews and all kinds of other things. (My haibun blog, The Long Road Home, will remain a separate entity.)

It’ll probably take a couple of weeks before all the bits are up and running, and then it’ll be a constant evolution, adding bits here, taking other bits away there. So feel free to comment on what bits you like, what bits you’d like to see added, what bits cause trouble for you.lips-by-loleia

So, what do you think? Do you like it? (Does my bum look big in this?) (Don’t answer that.)

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