NaPoWriMo is upon us!

joprepowrimo09_redDon’t know what happened to the month of March, but today is the 1st of April, which means I am now publicly committed to writing one poem every day for the next 30.

Let’s be honest: the only way I’m going to get a poem written every day is if I can clone myself a couple of times. So what I’m really committed to is writing the start of a poem every day. A draft. A framework. Enough so that I’m not wasting time, but not expecting to be able to polish it past draft stage for a while yet. 

Put that way, it sounds much less threatening. Yep, I’m sowing an orchard of poems. It may be years before they bear fruit, but at least I’m getting them into the ground.


(Does that count as my first poem?)



(Thought not.)

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