collective (noun) groan

I’m sorry, but I have to post this – it’s not poetry related (except indirectly) but it is wordie. (And appropriate for this site, given that the central section of The Summer King is based on collective nouns.) Feel free to groan as loudly as you wish.

I have a number of poetry friends who share the same first name. A couple of Barbaras, a couple of Judiths, quite a few Davids. But the worst of all are the Helens – my mother-in-law is a Helen, the former NZ Prime Minister was a Helen, and I have three close writing friends who are also named Helen.

My brilliant other-half and I were just discussing something when I mentioned one of the Helens (with the usual “sorry, which Helen are you taking about?” response from TOH). Which led to:

I wonder what the collective noun is for a group of Helens? A huddle? A hassle?

How about … a Trois of Helens?

Is that brilliant, or what?!

Lets make it a meme! A Trois of Helens! Spread the word!

One Reply to “collective (noun) groan”

  1. Indeed, it’s very confusing. I didn’t used to know any other Helens, but lately they’re (we’re) everywhere. Particularly on the net. Up this end of the world, there’s <a href=””Helen Heath and Stripy-Sock Helen (which could be me, as I frequently wear stripy socks, but isn’t), who have combined their powers to create a third blog: Helen Squared.

    As another poetic Helen, I suggested to one of them that we should all do a reading together – thought we could be Helen Cubed, but I do rather like a Trois of Helens!

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