a box of books

a box of booksOne more little milestone to tick off – my box of official author’s copies arrived today! Now it’s all beginning to feel really real. The next tick will come when I see a copy in a bookshop somewhere …

Ten days to go until the launch. If you plan to come but haven’t yet said so, please go to the comments box on the launch page and put your name down. I need to have a fairly good idea of how many people are likely to turn up so that I can order the right amount of food for the free nibbles!

Feel free to come to the launch and then head off to Poetry for Pudding at Borders (or attend Poetry for Pudding early, and come to the & Friends part of the launch). And in case you’re worried about fitting your poetry-fest in around dinner, The Twisted Hop do very good food (James Norcliffe reckons they do the best Caesar Salad in New Zealand!), and full restaurant service will be available throughout. You can check their menu out here.

Those of you who can’t make the launch but want a copy of the book, please ask your favourite bookseller to get it in if they don’t already have it in stock. Or you can order it online from Fishpond in New Zealand (if you do so by clicking on this link, I’ll even get a few cents from the referral) or The Book Depository in the UK. I’m told that it will be available through Amazon; it’s just a case of the distributors (International Specialized Book Services Inc in the USA, Gazelle Book Services in the UK) getting around to organising the listing. (Feel free to speed things up by requesting it!)

Ten days to go …

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